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Automatic Eggbeater Easy Whisk

Automatic Eggbeater Easy Whisk


Automatic Hand Whisk

Make cakes, pies and A great tool for mixing coffee and cocktail .The Top 1 MUST-HAVE Kitchen Item . Streamline the process of cooking, baking and food preparation time with this Easy Whisk! An excellent kitchen utensil, this stainless steel whisk is a hand-operated semi-automatic whisk that saves time and effort without the use of electricity or battery. Just simply press down the handle and the whisk stainless steel blades rotate. Fast mixing & blending, say goodbye to manually rotate your arm, Newness whisk will spins as you press down and counter spins as it springs back up. A great tool for mixing coffee and cocktail.



  • Save Time
  • It saves effort while gets the work done much faster than the ordinary whisk without using electricity or battery.
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for mixing sauces, marinades, eggs, cake batter, pancake mix, and more!
  • High Quality
  • The whisk is made of stainless steel that doesn’t easily bend and break with regular use.100% rust & corrosion resistance.
  • Easy to clean
  • Rinse it in warm soapy water or throw it to the dishwasher.
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